qmsg Manual Page

          qmsg - send message to batch jobs

          qmsg [-E] [-O] message_string job_identifier ...

          To send a message to a job is to write a message string into
          one or more output files of the job. Typically this is done
          to leave an informative message in the output of the job.

          The qmsg command writes messages into the files of jobs by
          sending a Message Job batch request to the batch server that
          owns the job.  The qmsg command does not directly write the
          message into the files of the job.

          -E   Specifies that the message is written to the
                  standard error of each job.

          -O   Specifies that the message is written to the
                  standard output of each job.

          If neither the -E nor the -O option is specified, the
          message will be written to the standard error of the job.

          The first operand, message_string, is the message to be
          written.  If the string contains blanks, the string must be
          quoted.  If the final character of the string is not a
          newline, a newline character will be added when written to
          the job's file.

          All following operands are job_identifiers which specify the
          jobs to receive the message string.  The qmsg command
          accepts one or more job_identifier operands of the form:

          The qmsg command will write a diagnostic message to standard
          error for each error occurrence.

          Upon successful processing of all the operands presented to
          the qmsg command, the exit status will be a value of zero.

          If the qmsg command fails to process any operand, the
          command exits with a value greater than zero.

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